Publishing of BioBIGG brochure

Recently the EU-Interreg project BioBIGG published its first project brochure. The focus of the project lies on mobilising the potential for innovation in the material or energetic use of renewable raw materials. The project focuses on biogenic residues and co-products as well as the products from cascade utilisation, which have great potential in the South Baltic Region. Countries, which are in the focus of BioBIGG are Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania.

You can find the brochure here.

We also would like to welcome you in our South Baltic Bioeconomy Network on LinkedIn

Why do we have a network?

Via the LinkedIn group, which at the moment represents the South Baltic Bioeconomy Network (SBBN), project results, events, conferences, etc. can be advertised. Primarily though, the LinkedIn page will facilitate the finding of new potential partners — including other universities or research institutions, and businesses — thus giving a valuable tool to researchers seeking collaboration on or support with a project relating to the bioeconomy.

Through the SBBN, SMEs will be able to get in contact with other similar SMEs for the purpose of collaboration or partnership, thus potentially giving a leg up to the SBA bioeconomy sector over non-bio-based competing SMEs. Furthermore, SMEs will also be able to get in touch with research institutions and universities to learn of potential new business options (by way of being up-to-date on the newest technologies and findings in SBA bioeconomy), and will also be able to find potential new employees from partnered universities.

By doing all that we aim at a higher rate of communication to push the development of a sustainable bioeconomy in the South Baltic area and the Baltic Area in general.

Click on the link and become a part of the LinkedIN group:

BioBIGG on LinkedIN

Bioeconomy in the South Baltic area:

This Group will serve as an information hub on bioeconomy in the South Baltic area and beyond. It belongs to the Interreg project BioBIGG, which aims at identifying and developing attractive business opportunities for SMEs within the Bioeconomy and paving the way for a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

This will be achieved through cross-border knowledge transfer, advisory activities and preparation of specific proposals for production of biomass-based products and services based on regional available biomass, hereby hopefully strengthening the innovation capacity of SMEs and mobilising investments and implementation of technology in the South Baltic area.

The project will host several cross-border events where SMEs and other stakeholders (policy and decision makers and others) can meet to share new insights and solutions for innovative products, processes and business opportunities within the bioeconomy.

BioBIGG project partners:

Roskilde University, RISE (Research Institute of Sweden), Gdańsk University of Technology, University of Greifswald, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Agency for Renewable Resources

BioBIGG Network

You’re interested in news regarding the BioBIGG project and the overall bioeconomy in the South Baltic area – please visit the Linked_In group:

”South Baltic Bioeconomy Network”

Below you find 8 reasons why joining the network is of advantage for you. And if you have any questions – please come forward. It’s possible to ask questions via private message.

8 Benefits of Joining the South Baltic Bioeconomy Network

1. Business development:
Find new ways of connecting to other bioeconomy stakeholders and explore new ideas for future expansion of your core business. During workshops, conferences and other events you will be able to find cooperation partners in the Baltic Area.

2. Knowledge transfer
Learn from the experiences of others who have gone through the same process. The exchange of information will lead to best practice cases and new contacts.

3. Collaborative working:
Networking is about building relationships, which could lead to new and innovativeways of doing business and developing new products. But you are not limited to that. Use our network to implement co-operation within new projects and joint-ventures.

4. Knowledge expansion:
Get access to a shared knowledge base and learn more by being part of a networking group. Information regarding bioeconomy in the Baltic Area is often rare and by being part of a multi-national group of stakeholder you will get insides of other stakeholders and developements in neighboring countries.

5. Market research:
The network gives you a chance to share ideas with other members and possiblepartners, in order to find new markets.

6. Find partners:
Find cooperation partners outside your core business, which complete your expertise by using the contacts provided within the network.

7. Personal development:
Contact and communication to international stakeholder will provide you with the views and state of knowledge of the respective region and institutions. Consequently, this will give you an overview how the regions and institutions define bioeconomy. The differences between the regions will become much clearer.

8. Promoting your company profile:
Get your company noticed. By joining the network your company will be noticed withinthe area by other stakeholders, which might be looking for new partners.

If you are not a member you will never know!