BioBIGG work package structure

BioBIGG is composed of 6 work packages, of which WP 1 deals with Management and Coordination and WP 2 deals with Communication and Dissemination

Work package 3 is “setting the scene”. The state of play regarding bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area and EU is described. It gives an overview of the political framework, resource base and opportunities of the participating regions. The project approach is unfolded, by developing a common framework for sustainable bioeconomy that will used in the following work packages.

Work package 4 will carry out mapping of the biological material flows for elected value chains and enterprises in the participating regions. Likewise the innovation potentials linked to both the biomass based materials and the SMEs will be identified and assessed in the participating regions.

Work package 5 is the “heart” of the project. It focuses on development of suggestions for new products and production processes in SMEs. It is likely that products based on biocomposites and bioplastics will get special attention, as well as value chains, in which biogas production is embedded. The suggestions will form the basis for preparation of pilot testing and investments.

Work package 6 In order to ensure the durability of the project a new cross-border bioeconomy network will be established during the project.