Our approach

The BioBIGG aims at unlocking both the innovation potentials related to unutilised biological resources, especially residuals and by-products found in and along the agro-industrial value chains, such as grain production, sugar production, vegetable production and manufacturing, forestry and wood manufacturing, new crops production etc. These biomass-based materials found along the agro-industrial value chains can be converted into a variety of innovative food and feed products, goods, bioenergy and biofertilisers.

Emerging from the biomass resources, innovation potentials and the production systems in the participating regions concrete proposals for biomass-based products and production processes will be identified and developed in the BioBIGG project, and existing and new knowledge will be transferred between the regions and disseminated to SMEs and other key actors through workshops and conferences. Moreover, the South Baltic Bioeconomy network will be established by the project.