BioBIGG at the European Bioeconomy Congress in Lodzkie

The European Bioeconomy Congress Lodzkie 2018 was held on September 24th, 2018, in Lodz, Poland. It is an annual initiative aimed at supporting development of bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European Bioregions.

The main organizer of the event was the Lodzkie Region. The Congress was a gathering of representatives of business, academia and NGOs. Objectives of the Congress were to support transfer of knowledge between European bioregions. The problems discussed this year included the battle against smog, digitization in closed cycle, modern technologies in bioeconomy and high-quality food.

One of the many sessions was devoted to increase industry involvement in local bioeconomy value chains as well as to increase participation in the European and national programmes supporting bioeconomy development , entitled  – Bioeconomy cluster (BIO) NETWORKING, under the patronage of the Polish Bioeconomy Technology Platform.

One of the several interesting keynotes was given by Adam Puchejda dwelling on the challenges brought by the growth of population and fast depletion of natural resources. He stressed that human impact on the environment and climate changes requires concentration of forces, with a focus on sustainable development of ecosystems based on integrated value chains. Development of social bio-economic initiatives in cluster activities has been pointed out as a key element of support to innovation in the knowledge triangle of research, education and business, promoting transformation towards increased commercialization of knowledge, development of business and social communication.